Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Eyes for the New Year

etsyAfter sitting in the Eyemart Express waiting room with blurred vision for an hour and a half, I think I deserve this eyeglasses case by oktak. Isn't it adorable?

My headaches were getting unbearable, but Ryan was at work, so I had to patiently wait while they added new lenses to my frames. I brought lots of yarn to keep me occupied, just in case. I thought it was probably the only hobby I could bring to the waiting room, since there wasn't much else I could see without my glasses. I crocheted 2 bracelets out of golden and olive chunky acrylic/wool yarn. For the last half hour I made yarn balls while trying not to fall asleep. I get so sleepy when my glasses are off.

So now I have lovely new lenses! They look exactly like the old ones but they don't make me dizzy, and that's all that matters. :) Now that I feel I've wasted an entire day fiddling with my eyes, it's time to get those recipe cards finished! Hope everyone is having a beautiful day!

Happy Saturday!

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