Thursday, December 11, 2008

Take Six: A Candy-Coated Catastrophe!

Let me introduce you to: CrayonFawn

I am in awe of this lady's designs. She only has three items for sale on her etsy site as we speak, but I don't know the exact reason why. Her extraordinarily charming and delicious "YUM" cupcake party hat was featured on etsy's main page and it appeared that several were sold. I wouldn't be surprised if they were sold within the past few days! I love when people can take life lightly and party hard! I also love that I have no idea how she made this exactly and those are the best crafts! When you can look at something and say, "Hey, I could make that!" and you actually would make it, not just say that then go home and sit on your couch and watch Friends reruns and eat Bon Bons... wait, where was I going with this? My point is that she's very inventive and I admire that! Rock on CrayonFawn.

Love always,

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