Friday, December 12, 2008

Make your own Christmas stocking!

My first sewing project on my new sewing machine was this set of Christmas stockings for our home. Here is a step by step to show you how to make some for yourself! They took about a half an hour or less! Let me know what you think!

First, pick out the fabric you want to use. I chose a printed canvas that was on sale at Hancock's in the remnants section. I paid $1.99 a yard! They looked like tiny mustaches so I couldn't resist! I also had some scrap red felt that I wanted to use for the stocking cuff.

I bought a 50 cent stocking at Garden Ridge to use for a pattern, but you could probably just guess the shape you want to use. I tend to grab any scissors in the vicinity to use, which explains the ginghers and craft scissors on my ironing board. Feel free to use just one pair. :) I pressed the canvas before cutting out the pattern. I just placed the Garden Ridge stocking on top of the canvas and cut out the shape. It's okay to fudge a little and not be exact. This is all for you, so no need to stress!

I cut the shape of the cuff following the store-bought stocking and serged the seam. A straight stitch would also suffice, no need to get fancy! I just choose to use my new serger for any possible reason. I can't keep my hands off of it! I also serged the edges of my stocking together and turned it inside out. Then place the felted cuff inside the stocking matching the top edge with the wrong side of the canvas touching the right side of the felt.

I then sewed the two edges together and then turned the felt to the outside. The stocking is almost complete. You could leave this as is, since the felt raw edge looks fine. I chose to turn the raw edge under and stitch the hem. See the next photo. :)

I hope you make your own stockings! Please let me know your thoughts and show me pictures of your handmade holiday decorations!

Love always,

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