Monday, November 3, 2008

Take Four: Lights, Camera, Action

Let me introduce you to: Makool [Makool Loves You]

notes taken from photography: fuzzy but focused on details, model's nervousness captured on film, honest awkward poses, vibrant colors with hazy backgrounds

I've seen the esty seller, Makool, numerous times during random site searches and I've always loved the collections. This time it wasn't particularly the ensemble that caught my eye but the photography. There were other designers whose garments displayed when I searched "Victorian Clothing", but their images were boring and lackluster. I think it's really important to take pride in your work and if you aren't capable of taking photographs that compliment your garments and detailing, then seek out someone who can help you out. I think it's a step in the process from designer to consumer that is often overlooked. Presentation isn't everything but it can distinguish you from the next designer in a matter of seconds and second glances.

Love always,

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Grace said...

Oh man! I've been smitten with Makool for ages. I love the clothes so much! The photography is stunning too.

Thanks for the scoop about the etsy stuff! I'll have to check out their studio.

Are you going to have a booth at The Girlie Show? I hope to see you there tonight!