Monday, November 3, 2008

Take Three: Circus, Circus!

Let me introduce you to: desirapesta

notes taken from design: child-like, circus influence, exaggerated ruffles, zig zag top stitch detail, tent silhouette

I'm really getting into exaggerated collars and circus influenced design. When I saw this look, it made me think of the path my thoughts are flowing and that this easily could have been a look I might've tempted in my draping stage had I not seen it on etsy first. Every girl's figure has to appreciate a tent dress silhouette. I also love that she hand-painted this piece.

I'm taking my own personal refresher course in pattern-making on my lunch breaks at work. Time is of the essence.

Love always,

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pestacide said...

Thanks for blogging about me, Kelli!
xo Desira