Saturday, November 29, 2008

Take Five: My last name is not Crochet!

Let me introduce you to: dollyknits

I LOVE kerchiefs! I make mine mostly out of vintage fabrics. I don't like necklaces so kerchiefs are the best neck accessory for me. Here is one I made a while back.

I love dollyknits' collection! She has very stylish headwear for men and women, too! I love when people take a very common design and craft it in a surprising way like knitting a silhouette that is typically sewn out of woven fabric!

I'm really into crocheting right now. I'm on my third collar and plan to make scarves for my relatives for Christmas! I'll be adding the styles I have available on my etsy soon, I hope! When I was born, the nurse at the hospital called me Kelli Crochet, instead of Crockett (like Davy...). I guess I was meant to crochet from birth! <3

Hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving!
Love always,

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