Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Grab

I was reading up on a friend of mine's blog, The Grab, and saw an awesome plug for Happy Place Design!

"Happy Place Design - $5.50-$14

this post is long over due, this little shop belongs to my friend Kelli, and i’ve been meaning to post it for a long long time now. a variety of crazy cute little things, get yourself a magnet or a tiny pillow!"

Check it out here!

My DataPanicDistro.com online shop is closed now, but that's still really sweet that she posted that! Those items are now for sale at DNA Galleries in Oklahoma City.

I love reading her blog because I'm always on a tight budget but love to shop! I've found that shopping online is just the way to go sometimes and she does all the work finding the best deals for you!

Please visit The Grab - the shopping blog for the monetarily challenged.

Love always,