Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Simon Says:

Help us find the perfect wall paint colors!
We are still needing to pick the kitchen, bathroom, and dining room colors. The bedroom and living room are a pretty teepee brown color with white trim/doors.
Here are some color ideas we've been throwing around...

[all images snagged from behr.com, dominomag.com, designspongeonline.com, apartmenttherapy.com and a few lovely google searches for inspiration]

We've narrowed it down to teal or orange for the kitchen, lime or orange for the bathroom and we're clueless on the dining room. I guess we could say orange for that room if all else fails, heh. We're stumped!

We have a built-in in the living room that is nearly identical to this and we're searching for the perfect paint to accent it with. I love this look! I saw it a while back in one of my 1960's home decor books... I'm even thinking maybe a vibrant plum to go with the teepee brown walls and keep the shelves and trim white.
Here's the yellow look:

We purchased this tapestry online from urbanoutfitters.com on sale for $19.99 for our bedspread. It's the perfect marriage of Ryan's and my own drawing style! We received it within a couple of days and love it! Our bedroom is almost complete!

Well I'm stil focused on apparel design but I am so eager to finish our home restoration project that I can't stay focused on one or the other for too long. I'm like a pinball jumping back and forth between projects.
Any help in picking paint colors is appreciated!

Love always,

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quidessential said...

I love that eggplant wall with the lime sideboard! Gosh, I wish we had a house!

Oh...and I tagged you. If you wanna play go here...