Wednesday, October 15, 2008

short-lived, short-lady

I'm thinking that my time spent at would compare to a 4'11" lady with cupcake icing on her upper lip. Short and sweet.

It was mutually decided that my handmade business did not fit in with rock band screen-printed t-shirts, go figure? They sure took cute pictures of my pieces, though (see previous post)!

I received a great opportunity this week to sell my handmade and spray-painted designs at DNA Galleries in the Plaza District! This is the same area where my Salt Boutique booth used to be at Plaza Java Cafe (now known as Bad Grannies Bazaar and House of Craft). I dropped off all of my pieces this evening! Dylan and Amanda are so extremely talented. I'm so excited about what they are doing, the whole district is really impressive, really! I started selling my specialty recipe cards (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free) at Collected Thread, right next door to DNA, a few weeks ago. Lindsay's adorable handmade/vintage boutique is a must-see!

I planned on adding several pieces to my etsy, but since I just dropped off my entire inventory at DNA, looks like I need to get to sewing! I checked out sewing machines and sergers last weekend and have my heart set on a Singer that sews the entire alphabet and a serger that should easily get me through my early serging years. My next step is to put money down on both machines so I can kick Betty, the 1960's/breaks my back/stitch-skipping/tension-dropping Singer sewing machine, to the curb! Well, more like kicking it to the closet, I'm such a pack rat, can't get rid of anything. :)

Well check out my pieces at DNA and Collected Thread if you get the chance and please let me know what you think!

And more posts will follow, I promise this time. Ryan and I finally joined the rest of the 21st century and got the internet. :)

Love always,

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