Sunday, November 2, 2008

one step forward, two steps back

i have finished moving in but haven't finished unpacking. i've put freelance graphic design projects on the back-burner, but have taken on overtime opportunities at work. i don't go out anymore but i spend money on renting movies and chinese take-out. if it isn't one thing, it's always another... whatever that means.

my body's still sore and sleepy from the flu i'm (so-called) getting over/more like it's putting one over on me... one minute i feel well, so i start cleaning the house and the next minute i'm sweeping the floor and feel like i'm going to fall over. it's been tricking me for about five days now.

my point, at this point, is that everything is sort of a trick or an illusion. you think your glass is half empty when really it's half full. i finally feel inspired again to create but can't find one thing to get started with.

in the past, i've found that the best way to get back on track is to take notice of what other people that are 'on track' are doing. so i'm going to take a bit of time to see what other inspired people are creating. i'm ready to be bitten by the fashion, craft, handmade, needle and thread, do-it-yourself, baking, crocheting, beautiful bug. i hope i'm not allergic.

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