Friday, October 16, 2009

Lemon Blooms

It may be laziness, or maybe just a little disinterest, but instead of visiting the local "Unique" thrift shop today, I searched Etsy for "vintage wallpaper", instead.
I just haven't found much at the local thrift stores lately and I ALWAYS find inspiration on Etsy, so it seemed like a sure thing, and it was!
I found "Lemon Blooms", an adorable shop offering vintage wallpaper, fabric, accessories, and footwear. I've collected vintage fabric for over ten years and have finally decided to limit my purchases until I make more use of what I already have. In the meantime, it doesn't hurt to window (monitor) shop!

Visit the Lemon Blooms Etsy Shop: here
She also has a handmade shop: here
and a blog: here

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