Friday, July 31, 2009

You Can't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth.

Lately, I've found myself looking for inspiration, again, in any place it might be hiding. At work on other people's desks, in the frigid printer room, and on any and every break I am allowed in my 8 hour work day.

There's a table by one of the printers that is almost always covered with a messy sort of paper collection disguised as a treasure trove of child-like illustrations and whimsical type (and traditional artwork here and there that doesn't typically catch my eye). Printouts left behind by graphic artists that amidst piled up deadlines and multitasking, have fallen by the wayside. It's a perk in my day, like free pizza, free coffee in the break room, free anything for that matter. I like good ole Folgers coffee with lots of cream and sugar, the way my grandma took hers. I like to start my day off with a sweet and caffeinated memory. That's just me.

So back to the perks. Sometimes I just miss designing. And those homeless printouts doomed for the recycle bin, have lately become a constant reminder. I miss design in the way of random moments throughout any given day when I get an idea and can't wait to make it come to life, whether it be on the computer screen or by making something with my hands. I just miss those days, but I can't exactly figure out where they've gone to.

I guess, "you can't look a gift horse in the mouth". And while we're at it, "there is no such thing as a free lunch". Everything comes at a price, and in an economic state like the one we're currently in, every job is a luxury and every pay check is an honor, right? (I'm typing that out so that every time I feel discouraged, it will stand as a reminder to be grateful. "Remember, Kelli, you're grateful.") Oh ya! And "be careful what you wish for". That's a good one, too...

Creative jobs are typically hard to come by and at nearly 27, I've held at least 8. That's another thing that has been on my mind lately, the countless jobs I've had (not all creative, I swear). Well, I'm in a mood to count them, so here are the ones I remember, somewhat in order.

FFA (Future Farmers of America) Website Creator (This was at my high school, and they paid me in Twix candy bars and Mountain Dew, which I'm sure did a lovely number on my the baby fat I was dying to get rid of before Senior year.)

Claire's Accessories (Piercing baby's ears was not a perk!)

Farmer's Insurance ("Hello, is this Mr. Smith? Would you like an auto insurance quote while you're having dinner with your family?")

TWU Computer Lab ("No, this computer isn't broken, it's just unplugged.")

TWU Fashion and Textiles Department Website Creator (This was my not-so-fun intro to Microsoft Frontpage. Ick...)

Children's Showroom Assistant
(My first open door in the fashion industry, so to speak, was an order taker and cleaner upper for an eccentric, medicated, and highly temperamental children's showroom owner. I meticulously hung onesies by seasonal collection, made sure all of the party hats still had their pom poms on, and that the baby powder candles were always lit at Market time. Oh, ya... all while avoiding the wrath of the owner's mood swings. Jealous, yet?)

*That's all for tonight. I'll write more soon. I've given a voice to my inner dialogue and you probably couldn't shut me up if you tried...*


Sherry said...

I discovered while working there that getting to create within very tight parameters and getting to play with fun stuff was just enough to trick the part of my brain that comes up with ideas into thinking it was no longer needed. Because while I was doing artsy-craftsy things I was trying to fulfill someone else's ideas, not coming up with my own.

It has changed so much since then. I am back to having so many ideas. I'm glad I worked there because I always thought it was what I wanted as an artist. But now I know that I am more fulfilled doing other WORK and creating for myself.

I know that may not be the case for you (maybe your brain is just overloaded by glitter these days??? lol)

I miss you and the other craft babes. Maybe a drink is in order after craft show? ~ Sherry

the Surly Girlie said...

You're the bees knees Kelli! And a source of constant inspiration to ME!!!