Sunday, February 15, 2009

He's the Loaf of my Life

I just had to post these photos from my Valentine's Day baking extravaganza. The theme was "I Loaf You". I baked a loaf of bread and mini strawberry cake loaves. The leftover mix was turned into mini strawberry cakes. I realize that I am not a professional cake decorator, and I am completely okay with this. I had so much fun making his strawberry desserts look deliciously silly. I did wish, at the very end, that I had sprinkles to add. One would think that I had plenty going on here, but I just felt like they were missing something... haha. And, last but not least, I couldn't resist turning a slice of butter into a heart to go with the bread I made him (not pictured :) Enjoy!

I loved making all of this for Ryan. I'm such a lucky lady to have him in my life. He deserved every bit of this messy strawberry goodness!

<3 Kelli


BookWormz said...

now THAT is dedication! :) lucky guy! :)

Teresa said...

That's really sweet and thoughtful! Ryan is lucky to have you and to have all those yummy cakes! ;)

I hope your Valentine's was a blast!