Sunday, February 15, 2009

C'est la vie Craft Magazine!

Craft Magazine - Volume 10I read over the weekend through the Craftzine mailing list, that Craft Magazine will not be making another issue, ever! This was devastating. They will be keeping all of their online content and anyone who has a subscription to Craft will now have the option to receive MAKE or a refund, which sounds like a fair offer. It's just so sad to see them go... I am more of an online mag reader, so this won't affect me too much, but just the fact that a craft style magazine has to fold, is just depressing.

Everyone, go out and buy the final issue of Craft! Amy Sedaris won't let you down! :)
And here's a direct link to the official Craft announcement: click here.

Sad sad day,


marcia furman said...

WHAT? That IS devistating!! I /just/ subscribed over Christmas. Ah. My heart is ripped out. Make will do though. *sigh*

Happy Place Design said...

That's so sad! At least you can get your money back in full if you decide Make isn't what you want...