Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Loves Her Balloons

It seems like everywhere I look, I see balloons! From Christian Dior to Etsy. Everyone's gone balloon crazy and I'm completely okay with that. Look how adorable they are!

Christian Dior Cherie Campaign

softspoken on etsy

marktrzopek on flickr

nay.nay. on flickr

lifeamundo on flickr

I even found a flickr group specifically for balloon love! Check it out here.



marcia furman said...

oh my...i love balloons too. that used to be a dream of mine when i was little, to let one go with a tag that says who you are, and that someone would find it and write back to you. i should try it someday!

Happy Place Design said...

Maybe you should try it today! Let me know how it goes!! :)