Monday, January 19, 2009

New Logo Design

Commissioned Logo for Vintour Clothing and AccessoriesThis past weekend I designed a logo for an OKC apparel and accessories company called Vintour. The project sort of fell in my lap and the owner of the company was extremely easy to work with. It went really smooth from start to finish. I really lucked out!

You can check out Vintour's Myspace here.

I'd love to do more store logos, business cards, avatars, banners, etc. I love designing for small businesses. Anyway, if any of you are needing any graphics, feel free to contact me at!

Thanks in advance!

[Now it's] Happy Sleepy Time,


Anji Gallanos said...

The logo came out great. I really like it..good work.

Happy Place Design said...

Thanks Anji!!!

Sherry said...

that looks really good

I need to talk to you about doing some stuff for me - I'll email you.