Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not all crafters sit around all weekend and play with their cats...

Lighthouse at Lake Hefner, Oklahoma City

This weekend wasn't my average lazy weekend. Friday night was a bore but it made me feel more rested for Saturday, so that was a positive. I woke up and was ready for a ride at OKC's Lake Hefner. I hadn't ridden my bicycle at the lake since last Fall and now felt as good a time as any. It was perfectly windy and just sunny enough. Last year I only had my one-speed cruiser (with a fancy basket, I might add...), but a few months ago I borrowed (eventually to buy) a 1979 Schwinn Caliente 10 speed road bike in banana yellow. I was in a ridiculously stupid bike wreck when I was 9 which fractured my jaw and knocked out three of my teeth, so even though I'd owned the cruiser for a few years now, I just started regularly riding it after I met Ryan. He used to race mountain bikes and is the most fearless man I know. Even though I'm not adventurous enough to jump off bridges into murky rivers like him, I have gained the confidence to bike again. If OKC wasn't ranked #1 in the worst cities in the country to walk and bike in, I'd be using the Caliente as my single mode of transportation. I decided to be tough and try the lake trail alone this time. I made it the entire 10 mile way around in 45 minutes. I was passed by several serious, in-training, bicyclists, but no speed walkers this time, I promise! The whole ride felt like it woke my entire body up from hybernation. This morning I felt like I couldn't wait any longer and I made Ryan go with me again. I'm thinking I'll have to make this a weekly routine at least 3-4 times a week. That may not be a heavy workout to some people, but for me, this is the best shape I've been in years. My crafting job is unbelievably physically active, as well. We're constantly pulling tools and materials from the on-site warehouse to use in our crafting projects. I love it! Everything in my life is coming together to make me healthy for once. I'm vegan and active which is a first for me. No crash dieting, gym memberships, and no calorie counting. Now park that mini cooper and go out and get a bike of your own!

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