Monday, July 7, 2008


Hey everyone!!!
So at the end of this week I will have spent ended my first month at Hobby Lobby Corporate as a Craft Designer! I can't put into words how amazing this job is. It's more than a job for me, by far. I love all of the people I work with and I wake up every morning excited to go to work. I don't think I've ever really had a job that made me feel like this. It's so amazing. I've spent hours painting furniture, embellishing greeting cards, sewing aprons, sewing bedding and home decor pieces, and a bazillion other things. It's such a rush walking into the craft studio each day, I'm not going to lie. My eyes widen each morning as I see all of the fabrics, ribbons and trims, buttons and the million other craft supplies and tools surrounding me and my workspace. It's a thrill for a girl that's been crafting since I was a tiny one. 
I remember crocheting pot holders with my granny when I was in the single digits, making little felt pouches that I then sold at school for $5 a piece, sewing pillow cases that we then embellished at slumber parties in elementary school, and making the most ridiculous raver pants in high school that I sold online to the candy ravers of Grapevine, Texas. I've had so many fun experiences creating. I had a feeling that fashion design at the level I experienced in Dallas wasn't right for me... but experiencing this new design opportunity has really made me feel full circle, in a good way. I feel so lucky!

One bummer though, I'm still without steady internet access, but that should turn around soon enough. 

On another amazing note, I found out the other day that my Happy Place Design Plush Series is now available at!!! Please support me and the Norman-based company by shopping my online shop!

I still have my booth at Plaza Java Marketplace on NW 16th and Blackwelder in OKC so check it out! If you haven't been there yet, please feel free to check it out anytime but a great opportunity to chat it up with me and see the goods would be this Friday at the monthly LIVE on the Plaza event from 7-11PM. I hope to see you there! There will be tons of happenings at the LIVE event so stop by!

I'm still used to my "Salt" professional blog and am getting used to this personal blog. It's been awhile since I've really felt like I could talk about my personal life in a blog (not since my xanga site back in 2002!). So please feel free to comment with questions or suggestions for discussions.

I'd also really love to share experiences with other designers.
And I promise I'll try to post more often.
Until I have permanent internet access, this blog will have to remain a bit random. 

Hope to see you Friday and remember to shop my goods at!

Take care,

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