Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where the Wild Things Are

Ryan and I just finished watching Where the Wild Things Are. It was beautiful, crazy, funny, sad, sweet, and a million other different things that had us falling in love with little Max and all of the Wild Things.

Image Credit: Michael Muller / Entertainment Weekly

First off, his real name is Max Records, how cute? Secondly, he acted in a Death Cab for Cutie music video. And, as if you need more reasons to find him adorable, he's from Portland and he got the gig after having a nerf gun battle during casting. Oh, ya! And I read that at age 8 he protested at his school to have them include vegetarian options! And, he kinda reminds me of Ellen Page. Okay, now go see the movie already!

You definitely have to check out this blog if you are a fan of the movie/book: "We Love You So".

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