Sunday, September 20, 2009

Remember that one time?

...when I worked as a graphic designer at that licensing company in Texas, and I wanted to do a collection of hand-drawn artwork for handbags? I'm pretty sure they never made it more than a few feet from my cubicle (and that you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about), but I found them in my good ol' photobucket and decided they deserved their own little face-time, too. Sorry, Chloe, you can't hog it all...

Disclaimer: I drew the logo by hand and placed the Jimi Hendrix silhouette (existing artwork) on top of it. I only 'designed' the drawings around his head and drew the logo as I saw it. Just so there's no confusion.

With this illustration, I drew the logo as I saw it and added the swirl design.

When it comes to licensing, you can't mess around. Therefore, please take special note of the disclaimers. (And please don't be offended by the obviousness.)

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diskgrunt said...

I really like the pink floyd one, not only in style but it seems something that would actually resonate with floyd listeners.