Friday, September 4, 2009

Macaron Phenomenon

image found at Laduree

image found at the photobucket of dwsewbiz

Macaron by Pierre Hermé

Sucre - Macaroon from Sucre - Founder - Joel Dondis on Vimeo.

I could ramble on and on about these little pretty treats, but isn't it more fun to just look at the yummy pictures? Anyone know where to find these in Oklahoma City? I've read that macarons are the French version of macaroons. So if you ask around for these and you get a coconutty looking cookie, that's not my fault! Ask for a macaron and get tasty ganache sandwiched between two perfectly baked works of art. And then let me know where you found them! :) Yum!


Debbie said...

Let me know too!

Dizzy Dame said...

Thanks and thank you for stopping by my blog!