Saturday, January 3, 2009

These Boots Were Made for Shoppin'!

Or from shopping, I should say?

recycled plastic bag bootsrecycled plastic bag bootsrecycled plastic bag boots

Want to know where you can get these? Could you guess that they were made of recycled plastic shopping bags?!? Now this is a great example of fashionable recycling, to say the least!

Taken directly from the article:

"We've talked about plastic bags fusing before as a way to keep polyethylene bags going, and even pointed you to a tutorial to DIY, but so far we hadn't seen the material applied to footwear and in such an elegant way.

These boots are the work of Chilean industrial design student Camila Labra, and made mostly of recycled plastic bags. Keep reading to find out about the process, prices and more models.

The boots are built by fusing several layers of plastic polyethylene bags together to create a thicker and more resistant material to work with.

Their interior is covered with quilted piqué cotton fabric to make them more comfortable and prevent too much heat. According to the designer, the boots are impermeable, flexible, light and non toxic.

The line of boots is named Dacca (aka Dhaka) after Bangladesh's capital, one of the most polluted with plastic bags in the world (the bags were banned in that city since 2002).

Made after special orders, the boots are sold for 22,000 Chilean Pesos (45 USD)."

That's an amazing price! If you have any Christmas money left, you should buy them all in every color! You'll be doing your wardrobe AND Mother Earth a favor...

Being the Nosey Nelly that I am, I googled the designer, Camila Labra, and found that she has two blogs: Portafolio and Botasdacca, a blog dedicated to her boots!

Happy recycling!


Sherry said...

so VERY cool

that acid yellow color is all over in OLD NAVY this year

I was just reading about fused bags the other day - think I'll go read the tutorial now

they make my "greenish" art seem not nearly so green (I've been looking at the photos this morning to see if there's anything I can submit to that book - they should definitely have her boots in there!!)

Anji Gallanos said...

Those are great! I tried to fuse plastic bags..but gave up after one try. I think taking the idea to footwear is awesome. I'd love to see flip flops, rain boots etc.

Thanks for posting.


Happy Place Design said...

Anji, wouldn't recycled tires make great rainboots?? I need to google that to see if anyone's tried...