Sunday, January 4, 2009

A New Tote for the New Year

zebra tote

What a great way to start 2009! I've won a hand-screened tote bag from Megan Lee Designs!

I entered a contest at PURPLEPINKANDORANGE.COM and won through a random number generator (which is quickly becoming my new best friend with the luck I'm having lately). The announcement of the winner is here.

Thank you again PURPLEPINKANDORANGE.COM and Megan Lee Designs!

Happy Sunday,


Megan said...

Thanks Kelli! (this is Megan from Megan Lee Designs) I had so much fun reading the comments from the giveaway. Enjoy your tote and card!

- Megan

bada*blingg said...

That tote is SUPER cute Kell!! Congrats you lucky girl you!

amy purple said...

What a cute choice you made! Sometimes I wish I could win some of the giveaways we do!