Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sew it like you mean it!

I finally finished my dress last night! I started it last Saturday, staying up until 5am because I just couldn't stop sewing. The past few days I've been kind of lazy and have only sewed for a few minutes at a time. Last night I finally sewed the hem to make the dress complete! It's really comfy, too! I wore it today with a red, vintage elastic belt, my crochet neckwarmer, and my grandmother's leather riding boots. I still plan on making my own patterns again, but following commercial patterns is the best way for me to get a cheap refresher course!

I used McCall's pattern #M5703:

I'm noticing now, looking at this photo of myself, that it really would have helped for me to match the plaids but I just was too excited and rushed it... It also cracked me to up seeing the image of me above the model on the pattern. Geez, I'm short! :) She's probably at least a foot taller than me! Anyway, I need to get back to crocheting now that the dress is finished, time is running out to finish Christmas gifts.

I hope everyone else's handmade Christmas gifts are coming along, too!

Wishing everyone luck with their Christmas shopping and crafting,

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