Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Night A Hot Glue Gun Saved My Life [Phone]!!

The most annoying phone I've ever had is the Cingular [now AT&T] 8525. I am on my third model as the previous two had the same glitches. I would love to even downgrade at this point if it would get me a phone that didn't break all the time.

Last night, I realized that the metal piece that connects the top part to the slider was missing. The phone was basically dangling from the keyboard. Unwilling to call AT&T and ask for a fourth phone, I got the bright idea to fix it with my hot glue gun.

I added two little dollups of hot glue to the metal pieces on the slider and ever-so-gently set it in place and pressed down for a few moments. And presto! My $400 crappy, overpriced pocket pc was fixed by a $2 hot glue gun. It was a Christmas miracle... in June.

When I bought this phone a couple years ago, I thought I'd had it made... browsing the internet, managing my appointments and meetings, and texting to my hearts content, I thought I was in love! Now I dream of pagers, rotary phones, and snail mail. Sometimes I want to go back in time, instead of forwards. It seemed so much easier before. I wasn't even that sad when my DVD player busted a couple of months ago. I gladly spent an entire Sunday watching movies like Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, and Empire Records on VHS.

I say, if a hot glue gun can't fix it, toss it!

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